Chairman: Chris White

Chris took over as Chairman in 2023. A CAMRA member since 1991, Chris has previously been involved in helping at our beer festivals.

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tel: 07989 185049

Secretary: Alan Purchase

Alan recently returned to the UK having worked in New Zealand for many years. He followed the brewing industry, there, as they started producing strong IPAs using their own, native, hops. He now chases down strong, hoppy, beers in the U.K. and holidays seem to feature breweries and IPAs.

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tel: 07455 425544

Membership Secretary: Roger Braddick

Roger has been a member since 1995 and took on the role of membership secretary in 2018. He hails from Somerset, but spent 40 years working in Worcestershire and is now part-time/part-retired. Roger strongly recognises the community role of the pub within the community as well as the way the pub looks after its beer.

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Treasurer: Chris Harris

Our treasurer since 2012, Chris makes sure we don’t spend too much and ensures our profits are sent to HQ to fund campaining.

Since retiring a few years ago, Chris, and wife Lucy, spend much of their time travelling in their motor home and visiting Spain. Luckily, all our banking is now on-line so Chris isn’t having to write cheques as used to be the case.

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Social Secretary: Bruce Springett

Unarguably the most important of our team, Bruce is responsible for arranging all of our social activities. Campaining visits to our local pubs, both urban (city saunters) and rural (minibus trips), comprise the bulk of our activities but Bruce also tries to find some trips further afield; all of which are very popular.

Bruce returned to the role in 2021 having held that role in 2013.

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tel: 077794 702454

Pubs Officer: Sue Turner

Our pubs play a cricial role in CAMRA, without them, Real Ale would have no outlet. Monitoring which of them may have closed, may have reopened or just those who teeter on the edge falls to the Pubs Officer. A thankless task, poor Sue can be found trawling social media for news. As it happens, Sue is rather an expert as she runs her own social media pages that concentrate on events in and around Salisbury; many of which are pub-related.

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Webmaster: Ian Turner

Ian created the banch’s first web pages in 1999, originally just a few web pages with some contact details and a diary. The site was transformed in 2009 with the introduction of dynamic content and a modern content management system. In 2019 the site moved to WordPress with the long task of moving the old content.

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tel: 07795 952374

Press & Publicity: A Member

An old ‘hack’ himself, he uses his vast experience in the press industry to increase our exposure through the local press, TV and radio.

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Festival Organiser: Andrew Hesketh (and Team)

Organising Beerex and Winterfest, our two local CAMRA festivals, is hard work but seeing the results and hearing the tremendous feedback we receive makes it all worthwhile. After a spell without a leader, Andrew has stepped up to lead a small group of dedicated people.

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GBG Co-ordinator: Andrew Hesketh

Now looking after NBSS and GBG nominations, Andrew had been Branch Secretary from 2013 to 2019 and prior to that he held the role of Treasurer for several years. Andrew was an active member of Salisbury Round Table and Chaired the Beerex Committee several times. Although Round Table ran the event as a fund raiser, Andrew aquired a love of Real Ale and joined CAMRA in 1991.

Andrew can often be seen around the city walking his dog. We suspect this is a form of training just in case Andrew were to lose his sight as the dog knows his way to every Real Ale outlet in the city!

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tel: 07867 504225

LocAle Officer: Vacant

LocAle is an initiative that promotes pubs stocking locally brewed real ale in order to reduce the number of ‘beer miles’ from brewery to pub cellar. It is based on growing consumer demand for quality local produce and increasing awareness of environmental issues.

Launched in 2007, CAMRA branches around the country will award accreditation to pubs that regularly stock at least one real ale. The pub can then advertise their support by posting the window sticker in their pubs.

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Cider Champion: Position Vacant

Whilst we do concentrate on Real Ale, ciders and perrys are also important to CAMRA.

email: TBC

Vice Chairman: Vacant

Someone has to cover for the chairman in his absence.

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