are meant to be enjoyable. That means, with a reasonable degree of fitness, everyone can enjoy them. Tour De France it most certainly isn’t. We have several local Beer Rides and we pick a few to do each year throughout the summer.

Generally we gather in Salisbury on a Sunday morning allowing enough time to leisurely cycle to our first pub by opening time (12:00). Most of our routes will be off main roads and often on farm tracks and bridleways. Hills are never a great problem as it is done to walk up them and cycle down them!!

Age isn’t a problem either. We have often taken the children along and if they can’t manage the whole route it is no problem to arrange a meeting point en-route to allow them to join or leave the group.

The return leg is optional. After all that exercise (lifting pints of beer) many people opt to strap their bikes onto a car generously driven by a willing helper to enjoy a less energetic return home.